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"C.G. Electrical cc" is based in Primrose, Germiston, of which the premises are owned by the principal member of the company. The company is strategically located on the main road with great exposure. Our company's strength lies in the quality and depth of the products we use and our staff. We have specialized staff in this field. In the past two years there has been some upheaval in this industry. As the price of copper and other items have increased, which has been a major issue for the entire industry. In spite of the above, we are still providing our clients with an excellent service.

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We service the following industries

The Water Pump Industry

The Printing 

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The Engineering Industry

The Sewing 

The Plastic 

AC motor winding in progress

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our services

The company C.G. Electrical CC is an armature winding company, which while independent, is a considerable player in the following fields:

Repairs to all makes of AC and DC motors

Repairs to all makes of variable speed motors

Repairs to all welding machines  

Repairs to all transformers

Repairs to all generators

product Range

All Products Used are ISO 9002 Approved
Class 220 Copper Wire
Class H and F Insulation
Quality Bearings