Our Mission

We will strive to secure our customers promptly and efficiently with courtesy and enthusiasm.

Keys to Success

We believe the keys to our success in the armature winding trade is: Knowledge of the industry 
Friendly staff that can handle repairs quickly and efficiently 
Personal contact with our clients and service is the cornerstone to our success


To create a service whose primary goal is to exceed customers expectations
To continue to establish as a market leader in quality workmanship
The continuation of building workmanship and relations with our present and future clients


Warranty of all motors that have been completely rewound and mechanically refurbished will be for the period of six months


Receptionist who answers all calls and queries for customers as well as quotations on repairs to motors.
A payroll and accounts lady who handles all account queries as well as invoicing and statements.
A representative who calls on existing and new clients and collects and delivers all urgent repairs.
We also have three winders, two assistant winders, three strippers and assemblers.